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Etana’s first memory of hairdressing was the classic story of a young girl plaiting the hair of her doll.

The reggae singer learnt from watching her Auntie Grace doing hair in August Town and soon graduated from the plastic models to humans.

She then moved on to more intricate hairstyles such as micro-braiding techniques but it has been years since the STAR of the Month has done it.

“Apart from my daughter’s hair, I have been out of practice. It is a skill that I used more as a teenager, at about the age of 16, and I do believe that if I was not doing music, I could make a career out of braiding hair,” Etana said.

This week the ‘Happy Heart’ singer decided to show off her plaiting handiness as she headed to Stafais Beauty and Barber salon on Molynes Road to trade places with her own hairstylist/nail technician, Stacy-Ann Mullings for a couple hours.

“I have chosen to do a simple cane row design instead of micro-braiding because it is time consuming; sometimes it took me up to two days to complete someone’s hair. Micro-braids are multifunctional for work and party. However, the cane row is quick and can be worn as an everyday, going to run errands look,” Etana said.

She continued: “Hair must always make a statement even when the outfit is simple.”

Even with freshly manicured, stiletto nails, the reggae singer managed to get the plaits straight for the most part which Mullings graded as three out of five in a suitable time frame of 45 minutes (15 minutes short of what it was expected to take) and five out of five for the overall design.

When the hairstylist was asked if she would allow her superstar client to do her hair again, she replied, “Of course, but when she has more time. I am going to keep this in until the weekend.”

As she did the final touches, Etana gave hairstyling tips.

Among her tips: the less you do with your hair, in terms of colouring and chemicals, the better; if you have the time and can afford to go to a river to wash your hair in the natural, chlorine-free water, then try it; and always try to utilise natural products like coconut and castor oils. 

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