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Eyelashes are an essential accessory to any look that female dancehall recording artistes choose for a video shoot, stage performance or day-to-day appearances. There are three main types of false eyelashes: the strip lashes (which are applied all at once), cluster lashes (pre-made fans with multiple eyelashes), and fusion lashes (which are added strand by strand).

Alicia Brodber, owner of Magicaliboutique, said the type of lashes than an individual chooses may be influenced by the look they seek and how long they want them to last.

“One thing I have commonly observed is persons using the incorrect adhesive for eyelash application, for example hair glue,” she said. “Also if I see a client coming in too often for refills. I tell them to take a break. In addition to grooming, the natural lashes do need a break because wearing false lashes can affect the growth of your own lashes.”

STAR FASHION also consulted some of the females artistes to find out more about the types of false lashes and extensions they wear.

RRE: “I think it enhances your whole look and appearance. I prefer mink strip lashes because of easy application. They are also reusable, and most important, affordable. Once you get accustomed to applying them it will be like second nature. However, after every use I advise cleaning the lashes by using a whisp lash brush to gently take off glue residue, before reusing and to place them in lash container to preserve.”

YANIQUE: “The semi-permanent feels and looks more natural, but if it is not done properly you can damage your own lashes. It is not necessarily important as a dancehall diva to wear extensions, but if you have stage shows and appearances, lashes do complete or enhance your look. I’d tell any female not to go too long and to make sure to care their own lashes.”

SHENSEEA: “I rather strip-ons because its less time-consuming to put on and it gives me relief, the fact that I can take them off anywhere at anytime, when I want to. I prefer mink lashes. Those are my all-time favourite when I have an event, dinner or party. It gives me a bold feeling and makes my eyes pop. Make sure your face is dry before applying the lash to the tip of your eyelids and line it after it is dried, it gives a smoother look than when you apply the liner before the glue.”

DENYQUE: “I usually wear the ‘glue-on’ types. The installation or semi-permanent extensions are not as comfortable. I never had a bad experience with them, but once a make-up artist did try to use crazy glue to apply the lashes.”

TIFA: “To be honest, I don’t know the difference between the types; I just wear what I like. Plus, I am a no-make up and the extras kinda girl. But if I have to choose, I’d go with the strip eyelashes that I can just tear off and go to bed (when the work is over). I mostly wear lashes for performances or outings. I hate sitting the hour to do the individual ones.” 



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