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14 Thoughts to “In The Battle Between Bitcoin And Bitcoin Cash, Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Says “Buy Bitcoin” | CNBC”

  1. Bitcoin regular, how disrespectful lmfao 😂

  2. Bitcoin gone gets 10,000$ pick then go drop agien.

  3. tom lee next time you are interviewed learn to keep your head straight.

  4. They don’t even know what a hardfork is. Run.

  5. An Asian nerd who lacks charisma and swallows his own spits to avoid spraying the panel cannot be trusted. He used to be brought up to CNBC by this Asian girl who turned fat but now others are inviting him to avoid the appearance of bias. I trust Peter Schiff and Peter says the space is going to zero, then it is going to zero. Don't trust this Asian scum.

  6. I think the Bitcoin created to protect the US Dollar or US Economy…! The Euro created by UK, their union when Iraq war started. If any future war comes they may follow same against US Dollars 💵, that’s why Bitcoin important! I red B.Gates article in CNN that US may need a new currency. So US know technology & digital currency may required in future…! If we keep Hard note the people could harm to steal, when the currency used in hidden tech that all people can’t access on it, the user only has it. most transactions doing to pay for a goods or services. So use electronic or digital tech to pay off it. The bad think is Hackers…, to avoid it stop or cut International net connection if any emergencies. Once stop the net every transaction will stopped, no physical fact…the digital currency will rotate here and their, fill human needs…Hard note may be not use in future…😂😂😷

  7. Good guy Tommy says Bitcoin > BCash. Get this guy a raise.

  8. Charlie lees brother the little dicked moron

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  10. its like explaining someone how email works for the first time..

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