Former Eagle Scout Mastermind Behind $10 Million Crypto Drug Ring | CNBC

CNBC’s Ylan Mui reports on a new generation of criminals driving the deadly spike in opioid overdoses and hiding behind bitcoin.
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Former Eagle Scout Mastermind Behind $10 Million Crypto Drug Ring | CNBC


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4 Thoughts to “Former Eagle Scout Mastermind Behind $10 Million Crypto Drug Ring | CNBC”

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  2. It's painful to see these people try to link bitcoin with crime. If you follow that logic, the federal reserve and the US dollar are responsible for the vast majority of criminal activity in the world. The little banner in the bottom left that read, "bitcoin high", reminded me of a guy snorting a rail of cocaine with a rolled up 100 dollar bill. United States Dollar High! Stop trying to spread fear in people, it's working. Lots of people are gullible enough to actually believe what you guys have to say. Sad.

  3. Drugs will continue to be sold and consumed regardless of the prevailing currency. Bitcoin has NOTHING to do with this. It only makes for a flashy headline.

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