Here’s What Happens When Bitcoin Just Keeps Forking | CNBC

Bitcoin private has reached a new level of meta. A fork of a fork of a fork.
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Here’s What Happens When Bitcoin Just Keeps Forking | CNBC


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9 Thoughts to “Here’s What Happens When Bitcoin Just Keeps Forking | CNBC”

  1. I got my Bitcoin Private yesterday for free cause of the fork FREE MONEY 😀

  2. Why do these videos explain Bitcoin like its talking to a class of 4th graders.

  3. now this is good content!!

  4. thank you for teaching people the basics CNBC, that is what we need.

  5. Accurate non-biased content… Thank you.

  6. Very informative, thank you !
    Is it the best option tho? That could be debated.

  7. messy soundmix at the end

  8. that was good. its like a tree with original bitcoin as the root. no mater what "color" bitcoin u choose its still bitcoin donated core code. different bitcoin different features…i.e. new bitcoin private includes encryption n privacy of the best crypto available

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