Lovers’ Leap: A perfect landscape | News

Sandwiched by a lush green landscape, the brand-new cream coloured paved pathway leading into the renovated Lovers’ Leap cozy veranda-style restaurant, accents the reddish-brown earth signature to St. Elizabeth.

At the reopening ceremony held last weekend, visitors were charmed by trifecta of pleasant weather phenomena; a drizzle of rain, along a steady chilly wind complimented still by the sun, high in the sky.

For those who wished to catch the chilly winds blowing steadily from the sea, two gazebos sit side by side gazebos perched on the cliff-side, just beside the restaurant.

Inside the dark-woody interior of the restaurant, visitors can find reprieve from the heavy breeze.

From the restaurant, a furnished balcony juts out just little further out than the gazebos, where visitors will be hypnotised by a view of steep, sloping, green acres of land and an everlasting sea than appears calm but still always shifting.

Photo journalist Gladstone Taylor has captured the beauty of the St Elizabeth attraction. The images may cause you to hasten your steps to make Lovers’ Leap your next stop.


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