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Dancehall selector Boom Boom says that his main aim for 2018 is to give the youth on the ‘streets’ a ‘buss’.

“I want some Caribbean dates so the youths dem that neva fly out can know how plane feel and experience being in another country other than Jamaica,” the ace disc jock said.

Boom Boom was speaking after he had a successful birthday party at the Uptown Mondayz Headquarters located on Savannah Plaza in Half-Way Tree recently.

“I would like to big up my sponsor Hennessy and Hennessy brand manager Jared Samuels for their support. To my fans, I say thank you,” he said.

“Big up people like Stacey Xpressions, my co-workers, Harry Hype, and Metromedia with Sky Juice.”

He said that the party was a “great look”, as foreigners flocked the event.

“The party was a blast. We had people from the UK, The US, Canada, and Japan,” he said.

Party heavyweights such as Julius 10 Star, GQ, and their teams were in attendance. So too were Father Wee Pow of Stone Love, Father Dessi from Portmore-based sound system Flava Unit, among others.

The party had a good energy, and dancers and dancehall supporters were out in their numbers.

Here are highlights from the event.

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