Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrency Will Come To A Bad Ending | CNBC

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet says cryptocurrencies are headed for trouble.
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Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrency Will Come To A Bad Ending | CNBC


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25 Thoughts to “Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrency Will Come To A Bad Ending | CNBC”

  1. You're a great businessman…but old.

  2. Everyone is biased when it comes to money

  3. Central bank manipulation of fiat currencies have created a bubble for fiat currencies. Hyperinflation will come, after severe asset deflation due to interest rate hikes.

  4. The idiots and scammers will make this come true, but when they say bitcoin they mean the hundreds fake bitcoins, the scamcoins, ripple etherium bcash etc. Bitcoin itself will survive the bubble popping. The scammers go to prison.

  5. If you admit you don't know anything about crypto, you can't say anything with certainty, sir.

  6. "I don't know anything about" dinosaur says


  8. Says he know it'd gonna come to a bad ending but he proceeds to then say that he knows nothing Bout crypto

  9. as he proceeds to say he knows nothing about cryptocurrencies.

  10. Dide he just say "cocoabeans"? LMAO

  11. Buffett did not belive in computers back in the day. And now he tells us that something he do not know anything about, will end badly…… why did he say anything at all?

  12. LOL…. so the Banks did crash? So the oil did not crash? The dollar is not crashing?…..yes, cryptocurrency is the only thing that MAY crash in the world

  13. "I don't know anything about it…"

    And yet he would gladly buy a 5-year put on every cryptocurrency. The Great Warren Buffett, folks.

  14. The great manipulator has spoken …

  15. P C

    What's name of this anchor 😍😍

  16. It may not die like this, but it will die once every company, brand, and store has their own cryptocurrency

  17. He also said, "Black people are intelligent."

  18. This guy is underestimating the worth of cryptocurrency, I respect you buffet, but this is a new age..

  19. Dinosaurs don't understand blockchain

  20. With all due respect for your legacy ,how you came to the conclusion that cryptocurrecny will come to A Bad Ending!! A very big part of fear is lack of knowledge. !

  21. Invest in Depends old man, it's the digital age.

  22. I bet you that most if not all crypto currency with the low deflationary MP will all go to the moon, i think it's inevitable…. there is too much money in circulation from all the central banks printing… : -)

  23. Hmmmm obviously buffet is suffering from Altimers.

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