Cryptocurrencies Are Plunging, Led By Ripple, Bitcoin | CNBC

Ripple left counterparts like bitcoin, the largest digital currency by market cap, in the dust last year.
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Cryptocurrencies Are Plunging, Led By Ripple, Bitcoin | CNBC


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26 Thoughts to “Cryptocurrencies Are Plunging, Led By Ripple, Bitcoin | CNBC”

  1. insiders are cashing out thats all pump and dump

  2. what owl said… also, typical day in crypto when investor guys are playing with millions like its a casino now. also how is 9 percent down plunging? its already back up to 8 percent down as I typed this., it can change wildly in no time with big money going in and out now.. also robot trading now, typical stuff.

  3. meaningless ………. buy BCH and RDD

  4. They might be referring to coinmarketcap website opting to omit the Korean prices from the averages. Korean prices are typically at a premium, so by taking them out, the prices drop down to a more “real” valuation. This was highly irresponsible, as it most likely triggered weak hands to panic sell.

  5. Oooohhh I see , payed off to pump Xrp, I hope you guys get the hammer from the viewers , CNBC isnt legitimate , it’s paid marketing channel!!!

  6. LoL. It's doing just fine 🤑

  7. Up 36000% on year but today down 11%…. sky is falling lmaoooo talking heads

  8. Stop talking about shitcoin XRP

  9. And i gained nothing from this video

  10. Cryptos on sale get them while you can.

  11. Wow, they REEAAALLY want me to buy more XRP! So motivating!

  12. XRP is NOT a cryptocurrency. Get your facts straight

  13. Bitcoin…
    "Comprehending the schematics of intent",,, the vulnerability within the accessibility, The origination of individuals involved, such as Brock Pierce a child dealer!!! You simple minded people are drugging off your egotistical mirage. History has proven most humans inabilities to see the available variables and not have the emotional cognitive aptitude to coherently participate in what is factual. Look at yourselves dear one's… You create a fake existence because you cannot control reality, forcing the new arrivals to be consumed and used for the purpose of maintaining the facade! How vacuous,,, century after century, decade after decade. Only; and only` then will you point fingers when you realize your hand holds no value! It is not hard to love all of you in this world, even the worlds deceivers; and I would protect anyone of you with my own life. No one has the right to take from another, whether it be as simple as a dime or as multiplex as a life! You people are ill in the mind and subdue others when it does not fit your narrative… STOP asking why the world is in demise. It is always the poison that cannot see that it is the bane!

  14. cool vid so far 🙂 Im new to the crypto space and honestly am looking for more in depth info and/or a donation blessing from anyone to get me started. 1KV9Kad2Daxovw75R9NMcpTZQmRQWY4YZ2 Thanks in advance.

    This is HOW to TRIPLE your BITCOIN!!!

  16. Jamie Dimon "Regrets calling bitcoin a fraud" look out! bitcoin might be going up.

  17. You forgot to tell the public The real reason why ripples price

  18. s c

    xrp is a coin made for the banks. the point of crypto is that it's decentralized. this news is garbage

  19. Just learning a little bit about this!! Amazing!! Disabled veteran here and every penny I get every month i have extra will go into this!! If anyone has anything I can do to earn my first micro bitcoin please let me know!! I'll do it!! My wallet I made is: xpub6Cqn9dWkZ8xKmZrfXNET2CjiGEUeaPda2xNaRam1jxAb6KZ8FQe8vhjXBXF6PfRatacbTyP6P5XD7f7MH1qDCTnqFRVwsjq3mdLk3XYFgMh

  20. CNBC is for dinosaur investors. Anyone with bit of true investing knowledge will see that TOMORROW Ripple goes on DMM (more investors than Coinbase by a few million – Asia based) and will also go on a Canadian exchange. Fake news thanks, only fewer poor folk that will get rich off this.

  21. BITCOIN is the best way to make money right now! I explain everything you need to know about it in this video: Thank me later!

  22. Anyone willing to donate? Please?

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