Blockchain’s Vast Potential To The World Of Music: Berklee College Of Music’s Panos A. Panay | CNBC

Panos A. Panay, Berklee College of Music, explains how smart minds are figuring out ways to use blockchain’s technology to enhance music attribution.
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Blockchain’s Vast Potential To The World Of Music: Berklee College Of Music’s Panos A. Panay | CNBC


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8 Thoughts to “Blockchain’s Vast Potential To The World Of Music: Berklee College Of Music’s Panos A. Panay | CNBC”

  1. unrealistic… and this has not much to do with blockchain

  2. Interoperability is going to be a buzzword next year and next decade. The current players for blockchain interoperability are AION, Cosmos/Tendermint and Polkadot. Consensys also has a Ujo music working on distribution for artists. People think bitcoin will be worth much more by summer of 2020 because that is when the issuing of BTC tokens become reduced by half. Let's see how much ETH (Ether token) is worth from the Ethereum platform. By that time in 2.5 years we will see numerous exciting innovations brought by ethereum developers while the bitcoin core devs and bitcoin mining pools fight things out. Keep an eye on bitcoin cash too – but just see how many people will wish they got a single ETH while today while it was still under 1K USD.

  3. Cash grab off the public buzz of blockchain. This is the type of guy who goes to art school and talks for half an hour about a dot he put in the centre of a canvas. Learn the lingo sell yourself talking about yourself, Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain, give me money.

  4. This is what old people classic investors cant think about. Millenial will always find a way to use new technology… cryptocurrency will stay thats a guarantee.

  5. This will give high traceability with same outcome- few people earning a living in music industry. High competition, lots of free stuff out there.

  6. It’s a cold day. I suggest Panic’s walking from Berkelee to MIT over the Mass Ave. bridge, and then sitting on the bench in front of the MIT academic quad. And instead of name dropping and talking about money while the veneers of engineers rub off on our Panos, look for actual,signs of inhabitation across the river. After you have not been able to take the walk, because you could not live there, give me a call.

    I am guessing this story was put here so that official rich guy from no doubt Boston, O’Leary, can hammer on about really being from there while he could not possibly be. The “no car needed” proof of occupancy idiocy was true 50 years ago. I would say “too”… but it is almost not true now given what we see on even television in Beacon Hill winter backdrops on CNBC. Go Red Sox! A mantra of pretend bums and official rich guys who go along with the brilliant bum narrative. Y’all miss the hilarious nature of how stupid the pretense is. Done with fairyland clones. This Panos looks like a young version of my #30 uncle, who actually was from Boston. As am I.

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