New York State’s Maria Vallo on Regulating Bitcoin

Dec.01 — New York State Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vallo discusses bitcoin, financial services regulation and the state’s relationship with the federal government. She speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.”


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7 Thoughts to “New York State’s Maria Vallo on Regulating Bitcoin”

  1. Keep the Vatican out of it
    You saw what they did to Syria and Libya

  2. Great they are on top of it.

  3. Bitcoin is so new and revolutionary it defies man made regulations. What most people don't understand is how ridiculously rare A full bitcoins are given that there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins. The earth population is over 7 billion, So for most people it will not be about owning one or more bitcoin, it will be about having bits or Satoshis. There are exactly I00,000,000 million Satoshi units in each Bitcoin. When bitcoin enter into its third phase, 100,000 Satoshis will support A family for generations, like one million dollars did back in the 19th century . The cheapest and fastest way to buy $10 to $100,000 of Bitcoin is at get your bitcoin in 6 hr. "BUY & HOLD" you've been WARNED..

  4. You can not regulate bitcoin, only the users! But the governments of the world could create a better fair digital secured identity coin for evrey born human, then bitcoin would have no impact as destroyer of the fed dollar system.

  5. jajaajajajajajajajajaja…… another two that do not know what they are talking about…. useless.!

  6. Bitcoin and Co… where bitcoin is made

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