Why Brown Brothers’ Chandler Is Staying Away From Bitcoin

Nov.30 — Marc Chandler, Brown Brothers Harriman’s global head of currency strategy, discusses the volatility in bitcoin with Bloomberg’s Vonnie Quinn and Shery Ahn on “Bloomberg Markets.”


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5 Thoughts to “Why Brown Brothers’ Chandler Is Staying Away From Bitcoin”

  1. haha how to lose when you have something has a limit. also he needs to learn more not saying things told by his mates hahahah

  2. Anyone in technology is already laughing at this guy before 25 seconds of the video of him talking. Not even being biased here, the guy in the video Marc Chandler is simply another rich knownothing, who simply does not understand the complexity of bitcoin being useful. Also, anyone can buy bitcoin, you do not have to buy a whole coin, which proves this guy knows nothing about what he is saying. I just bought .0025 of a bitcoin for 25 bucks, that's why and how bitcoins are better than paper money, I can now send that 25 dollars to any other country, say japan, for only 1 dollar. No other bank can do that, which is why bitcoin is superior and these old men bankers simply and laughably just do not get it (yet?). You're wrong Marc, and you clearly do not know what you are talking about before 30 seconds of this video, it's 100 percent obvious you don't. One day he will come back to this video and kick himself, mark my digital coins and digital words

  3. This guy has no clue, literally in the 1st 20 seconds he is incorrect. He is clearly under the uneducated impression that bitcoins must be bought in full like a share of Berkshire. Wrong, you can buy any dollar amount of yen amount in bitcoins, as digital currency is in digits, not actual coins or paper. So if you buy 25 dollars at 10k a bitcoin, you receive 0.0025 of a bitcoin which is worth 25 dollars on newegg, amazon gift cards, japan currency, the list goes on forever as everyone including japan is using bitcoin as a method of payment in many stores now. I have been following this since day 1, I regret not mining coins with my computer when I could have, big time. These old men bankers simply do not get it, or they are watching bitcoin undermine their international fees for bank transfers (entire reason bitcoin is superior and liked, because it destroys the fees we are forced to pay by greedy jobless bankers who make millions doing nothing useful) Sit on it, and weap, youre wrong

  4. why didn't they just interview a bum from skid row? the information might have been more accurate…

  5. Does this idiot think you need to buy an entire bitcoin? LULZ!

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