Treichl Sees Central Banks Taking Over Bitcoin

Nov.30 — Andreas Treichl, chairman and chief executive officer at Erste Group Bank, discusses bitcoin and why he says central banks will not allow the cryptocurrency to happen. He speaks with Guy Johnson on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”


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4 Thoughts to “Treichl Sees Central Banks Taking Over Bitcoin”

  1. It's popular because fuck central banks hello

  2. "Somebody will say stop"
    yeah good luck with that

  3. STOP !
    Yeah, i said that. Does it feel better now? 😀
    So clueless, like this can be stopped. Its a fucking crypto! Google the meaning u dumb old geeser. Bahahaha

  4. Thats like saying, candle manufacturers are going go say stop to electricity. You cant stop technological revolutions. There rich old farts think they own the world and its future.

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