Square Makes A Bet On Bitcoin | CNBC

Josh Elman, partner at Greylock Partners, and Ed Lee, Recode managing editor, discuss the news that Square is testing support for users to purchase bitcoin on its app as well as what they see for innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
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Square Makes A Bet On Bitcoin | CNBC


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37 Thoughts to “Square Makes A Bet On Bitcoin | CNBC”

  1. Bitcoin, the 1st blockchain application. The father of all coins.

  2. there is the central governing body in Bitcoin. It's called Bitcoin Core Dev team.

  3. Mmm !! there are always the good, the bad and the ugly and i also know that there are good Samaritans too even if difficult to come across.nice video though.
    1osqPGSyjSQffJRz6xNakGkR7kvidrXgZ .

  4. Haha, CNBC will be warmed up to btc when it's over $100k

  5. that guy's definitely a child molester

  6. consider

    it a little more. myself as a church

  7. your eyes looking Sat the highest God SAID Jesus

  8. your

    eyes looking Sat the highest God SAID Jesus

  9. a lot of uneducated talking heads

  10. I'm not sure why CNBC thinks it's a good look when their anchors are just laughing about how much they don't know about Bitcoin fundamentals instead of finding and providing answers. A good watch is Harvard alumnus Wences Casares explain why Bitcoin is better than gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKkfhi8Eaiw

  11. Its good with a sigh of relief 😏

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  14. B C

    I think that this skeptic person ' another diamond' should go back in time when all fiat currency started to crash.and millions of persons like me and you went out without food! hearing this comments make me buy more bitcoin like the rest of the planet, cause in 2018 will have to pay double the amount to get into society and its advantages

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  17. Maybe someone can explain to me a little bit about how these CME futures are actually going to work? It seems like they are just going to be making bets in fiat with each other over if the price of bitcoin will rise or fall and no one trading futures on the CME will actually be buying or selling any actual bitcoin. So if they are just making bets against each other with futures contracts in dollars that wouldn't even affect the price of bitcoin because none of the CME traders will even be actually buying or selling any bitcoin? Is that right? BTC: 1EuQGnntjZ1y3gvH8kW6sCjtzsDYRwReKh

  18. There is Bo future In bitcoin is tikking bomb the markers of bitcoin can just pull plug and then its abselutly worth nada

  19. The same with online gold keep it to the federal money from the country your from offcourse Thats solid.

  20. The guy talking with the monitors behind him has no idea what he's talking about, lol.

  21. BITCOIN IS not going to be the main CRYPTO.

  22. Certainly feels like BTC is here to stay – a lot of these folks don't know what they are talking about or have researched anything beyond the cyrpto 101 handbook.

  23. Can you taste how bitter these people are? Negative remarks, smirks, laughs. You reporters are just like the dummies when the internet came out. Google? LOL! What a funny name! I get my news from the newspaper! This internet will never work!

  24. Hard forks are not needed when there are already other coins out there. The users will migrate on their own.

  25. Pyramid scheme – people higher up/existing stock holders continue to make more money while new people buy in at higher prices – once there are no new buyers, it will collapse as only sellers will exist…its a slightly flawed investment tool and millions of bitcoin holders will one day lose everything they invested.


  27. 1MC

    Wow these people are misinformed, & spreading disinformation, Jezzus. I've seen 17-18 year old kids do a better job of explaining the science behind BitCoin, vs, those talking heads. Do yourselves a favor & Invite Andreas Antonopolous.

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  30. First stupid Chinese guy I've seen..

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  32. *points out bitcoin is decentralized *makes fun of bitcoin users for not being able to figure out how to fork it properly *doesn't realize the irony of his situation

  33. China, at this point have a small enfluence. What's fueling the bubble is the investment opportunety unlike any other in history. It's a way to store your wealth. Think about it, there are only ever going to be 21 million bitcoin and there are how many people in this world and it's a world traded currency. Duh anyone who knows what supply and demand is can see the oppurtunety. Also people rant about the clumbsy evolution of bitcoin. They never mention up and coming currencies that may overtake bitcoin like Substratum.

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