One Of Asia’s Largest Banks Says Bitcoin Is ‘A Ponzi Scheme’ | CNBC

David Gledhill, group chief information officer at DBS, one of Asia’s largest banks, said he believes bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme.
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One Of Asia’s Largest Banks Says Bitcoin Is ‘A Ponzi Scheme’ | CNBC


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13 Thoughts to “One Of Asia’s Largest Banks Says Bitcoin Is ‘A Ponzi Scheme’ | CNBC”

  1. Course they would say that. Central banks are the biggest scheme of them. Peer to peer Commerce cuts banks out of it and they're just mad

  2. Central banks are trying to take it over and by not updating the software they are making the transaction fees very expensive. Which is what the big banks did themselves to begin with long before bitcoin

  3. Isn't the world's economy a ponzi scheme lol

  4. is it just me or do all these banking officials speaking against bitcoin sound like cavemen describing flashlights?

  5. Last person I would trust with this opinion is one of the largest Banks in the world! hahahaha

  6. They are scared we are realizing their fiat currency is a ponzi scheme.

  7. Would a banker say anything else about something designed to make his industry obsolete?

  8. “Crypto mechanisms” ?!?!

  9. I can send bitcoin to someone across the world basically for free and instantly. Going thru a bank I would be charged a "fee" and would take up to a week.. Banks are running scared.

  10. Game over banks. Ha ha ha ha !!!

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