Bitcoin Expert Dennis Gartman: Bitcoin Is A Market For Criminals And Millennials | CNBC

Bitcoin bear Dennis Gartman still will not buy bitcoin, despite predictions that the cryptocurrency will rebound.
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Bitcoin Expert Dennis Gartman: Bitcoin Is A Market For Criminals And Millennials | CNBC


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26 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Expert Dennis Gartman: Bitcoin Is A Market For Criminals And Millennials | CNBC”

  1. Figures. Which bank paid you to say this?

  2. I almost feel sorry for guys like that

  3. Click this button to have all your "coins" frozen/deleted/wiped away like they never existed. Oh, never mind, it's digital currency not backed up by any federal bank (WHO CONTROLS BITCOIN)

  4. Cartel mexican pablo escobar terroriste use billion dollars us $ so dollar is for criminal too ? No

  5. fake news alive and doing well…way to go cnbc.

  6. These dinosaurs cannt get it do they!?!?! They all say the same things….

  7. that's perfect. the government can easily convert their currency to bit coin and not have to pay taxes or interest.

  8. I dont think he is a expert lol fake …

  9. I think he is just TOO OLD to fully understand what Bitcoin really is! He is NOT an Expert to begin with. Arent alot of criminals using the dollar too?

  10. The face of a relic. Look at it. A man whos time has passed him by

  11. criminals, millennials.. same thing. Sounds like someone really took a big short on bitcoin


  13. Just a old criminal accusing everyone else of being a criminal. Him and his banking cartel impoverished future generations with their unlimited printing press scam.

  14. he is right
    i'll laugh when the bubble pops

  15. When would be a good time to short Bitcoin?

    I'm sure it will hit 10k by years end but not sure where the ceiling lies after that.

  16. I see its becoming a hobby patronize millennials.

  17. Um, what makes this guy an "expert?"

  18. funny how cnbc squeezes criminals and milenials into same category

  19. ha ha ha. Paranoid banker scared to death people will take out their cash and invest in BITCOIN. Sorry old man millionaire. Times are changing.

  20. DENNIS FARTMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Cash and gold have always been markets for criminals. This is a trick. A lot of these "old men" and "dinosaurs" are smarter than a lot of you – they want to short it make money then buy it cheap. Don't be foolish millennials – these guys know how to play for real and keep the little guys down!

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