Goldman Sachs Predicts Bitcoin Can Run Past $7,900 | CNBC

Bitcoin can hit $7,941 and eventually trade higher, Goldman Sachs’ Sheba Jafari says in a Sunday note.
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Goldman Sachs Predicts Bitcoin Can Run Past $7,900 | CNBC


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8 Thoughts to “Goldman Sachs Predicts Bitcoin Can Run Past $7,900 | CNBC”

  1. I thought bitcoin is a 100% virtual currency so why does the main stream media always show us these images of fake bitcoins whenever they talk about bitcoin.

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  3. It will be $25,000 if the market grows to 5% of the gold market.

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  5. We all know it will go passed 8,000. Instead of counting waves maybe they do should look into the technology…Goldman Sachs has failed many times and they will FAIL AGAIN

  6. I love the idea of a free currency but BITCOIN looks like is too concentrated in few hands of it true that 90% of all bitcoin available is owned by about 10 % of Bitcoin addresses. The rest 90% of bitcoin addresses (owners) only own less than 10% of all the bitcoin available?

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