Credit Suisse CEO Calls Bitcoin ‘Definition of a Bubble’

Nov.07 — Credit Suisse Group CEO Tidjane Thiam said last week that bitcoin speculation is the “very definition of a bubble.” Even so, he can’t avoid it or the technology behind it. Bloomberg’s Sonali Basak has more on “Bloomberg Markets.”


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7 Thoughts to “Credit Suisse CEO Calls Bitcoin ‘Definition of a Bubble’”

  1. But Japan just declared this currency as legal, so I don't know what to believe.

  2. Banks worried about money laundering? Bahahhahaha

  3. sounds like Credit Suisse wants in, smart move, we're heading to over 100k per bitcoin as we usher in the era of the first global digital currency, usable by all, controlled by nobody, unhackable

  4. Ponzi scheme just like the fed, step towards their digital mark of the beast chips. Bitcoin is for retards, and rich boys trying to scam/control people.

  5. Invested all life savings in Bitcoin.

  6. Just bcos u dont understand something you cant call it a bubble. Try explaining money currency to ppl in stone age.

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