Bitcoin, Blockchain And Ethereum: How To Demystify Cryptocurrencies | CNBC

Jules Urbach, OTOY founder and CEO, provides insight to bitcoin, its blockchain technology, and the ethereum blockchain.
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Bitcoin, Blockchain And Ethereum: How To Demystify Cryptocurrencies | CNBC


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7 Thoughts to “Bitcoin, Blockchain And Ethereum: How To Demystify Cryptocurrencies | CNBC”

  1. Demystify like theres a secret yea no thumbs down

  2. You don't want to hurt yourself. They are bad, really baaaad! 😉 I don't have any Bitcoins myself, but YOU could be the very first to introduce me to a nice Bitcoin (or a portion thereof) as I have just received my very first Trezor in the mail! My suggestion to folks is to get a hardware wallet first. I'm broke as I have just spent my last $100.00 on a Trezor, so I am asking for a small donation. My public address is 34EKE5JfPUokJmX21T8CtqQtY5nubMdQYQ and I'll letcha know how it worked! Sound like a plan? Please make my day…

  3. can't you please set people straight about crypto not being for nefarious activity … btc or eth – the general public is never going to dig into the nuances of it

  4. Crypto needs better spokespeople. The average person is not going to understand all these nerds with their jargon.

  5. I understand and like the blockchain, but the currency it supports is useless to me and most others except as a potential investment at this time. You can't by a house with it, you can't buy groceries, a car, pay bills, etc. unless through VERY specific vendors. You can buy gift cards from specific vendors. What good is a $4000 crypto-coin if you can't pay for something you need, like medical bills, utilities, house payments, etc. All the money in the world in your bank account is worthless if nobody accepts it in exchange for goods and services. Maybe in 15-30 years it will be widely accepted currency…but not now. An look how gold fluctuates in price…your $4000 investment might be just that in 50 years…$4000.

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