Bitcoin Mining Can Land You In Jail In This Country | CNBC

Bitcoin’s inherit risk takes on a whole new meaning in Venezuela.
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Bitcoin Mining Can Land You In Jail In This Country | CNBC


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19 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Mining Can Land You In Jail In This Country | CNBC”

  1. Bitcoin will be the world's currency

  2. #FakeNews
    And no referal to Bolivarcoin, the most used and mined currency in Venezuela with more than 57 active nodes in that country campared to only 3 bitcoin nodes

  3. ¿Como tomar posiciones en una criptomoneda? Estrategias de trading basadas en analisis técnico

  4. Randy Brito siempre cagandola por donde pasa, que estan metiendo preso a los mineros en Venezuela? en serio? pura mentira de ese mitomano.
    Denle click a dislike a este video o reportenlo para que lo quiten de youtube

  5. what sort of document is this?

  6. Yeah socialism!!! Socialism = Everyone wins!!! /s

  7. People in America are getting rolled by the feds to cnbc. Did you really not know that or do you just not like to keep your viewers informed of all the really good people here in the US who are being sent to federal prison for years for a victim-less crime…

  8. they don't pay for electricity do they

  9. DM

    When you put "This Country" it is called a click-bait title. Just put the name of the county.

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  11. And in Ukraine. If I understand, Ukraine has no the Law for Bitcoins. But "Police find ILLEGAL Bitcoin farm" 🙂
    "Police find illegal Bitcoin farm at Ukrainian state institute"

    "Back in 2014, the NBU warned about bitcoin and its use in the Ukraine. The National Bank considers the cryptocurrency “a money surrogate, which has no real value and cannot be used by individuals and legal entities within the territory of Ukraine as a means of payment, as it contradicts the norms of Ukrainian legislation.”"

    So, police can try arrest children who use own childish currency in kindergarden. 🙂

  12. My bet, mining was made illegal becuase it steals electricity the miners weren't paying for that is expensive enough to make the owners of the computers used collapse if they didn't put a stop to it or it strains the grid in the area where they use their own computers. Otherwise it should be accepted as a normal currency.

  13. Do they still praise Chavez over there?

  14. Hoe about usa ally – saudi kingdom and qatar emirate – there is free country happy for mining =)

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