This High-School Dropout Who Invested In Bitcoin At $12 Is Now A Millionaire At 18 | CNBC

Erik Finman made a bet if he was a millionaire by 18 his parents couldn’t force him to go to college and he won.
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This High-School Dropout Who Invested In Bitcoin At $12 Is Now A Millionaire At 18 | CNBC


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9 Thoughts to “This High-School Dropout Who Invested In Bitcoin At $12 Is Now A Millionaire At 18 | CNBC”

  1. Good luck with the upcoming fork.

  2. Erik Finman was lucky, nothing more nothing less. Jus because a person makes money from 1 or 2 investments it doesnt make them qualified to give life and financial lessons. Taking life and financial advice from Erik Finman and lucky people like him, is like taking financial advice from a lottery winner, because the majority of their success is based on

    While he was HOPING for Bitcoin to be worth more in his parents home living for free, how much $ did he make from other investments? He was born into a rich family, a family member told him about Bitcoin, his grandparents gave him money to buy Bitcoin; this kid was born with every opportunity to succeed, if your poor good luck taking life advice from him.

    He'll most likely make decent investment now because he was lucky enough to make his initial money, especially if he continues to exploit children to work for him for free.

    I absolutely HATE when people like this are put on a pedestal and given a microphone, because everybody is not going to be as lucky as him, nor can they afford to be as lucky as him, yet he's telling people not to go to school which is a horrible idea.

    The only problem with college is that is too expensive, but it is a way to get an education in a career field a person wants to be in.

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  4. hey send sum down our way ahahah

    cheers to all


  5. he made a very poor decision and got lucky.. he bet 100,000 on 14 Red… you are not smart if you win that bet.

  6. I have been buying counterfeit money from a guy that use to be on the deepweb 305 417 4817 I told him I was gonna send people his way he was cool with me posting his throw away number. I been using the money to deposit n buy bitcoins and crypto currency

  7. I got few bitcoin here and i`m waiting when it will be 100000$

  8. Who invested in bitcoin at $12… you mean just 12

  9. Please could I have a couple of litecoin?
    Caravan Man Dan

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