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Andrew Holness Reports To The Shower Don Edward Seaga

I assured our former Prime Minister that Jamaica is in a good place and that our economic recovery is being carefully managed to ensure...


James Bond Encounters Obeah!

Sources suspect Idris as the culprit that checked the well-known mother woman in Portland to science Daniel Craig. The Obeah woman's...


69 Years Old Man Sues To Change Age To 49!

“This is American thinking,” he said. “Why can’t I change my age if I want to? You have to stretch yourself. If you think you can...


Missing Trelawny Lawyer Body Found In Shallow Grave

He was killed and buried in a shallow grave, and the Police are investigating!


Son Fires One-pop Gun At Father

A 17-year-old boy who reportedly pulled an illegal firearm at his father and then fired one shot at him in Inverness district, in...